Internet Movies STREAMING Database

IMSDb dig websites to find movies streaming links, stored them into our database and linked to the unique IMDB identifier.
Now, you can automate your streaming website and auto-embed the best quality on the Net.
Without having to take care of quality of links, broken links, searching and uploading movies.

code IMDB:

Auto-embed Videos Service

Our service is for free, Multi-lang, no subscription, no API needed, no Ads.

Wordpress Plugin:

Download our plugin, install it into your Wordpress website and use the shortcode [imsdb code=ttxxxxxxx].

Wordpress theme: grifus 4.0

!!!"Ads Fake Player" should be activated!!!

Download those files, and replace those on your wordpress theme.
player.php : The file is located here >> wp-content >> themes >> grifus >> includes >> singles.
css files : The files are located here >> wp-content >> themes >> grifus.